If there is one lesson we learned from our experience, in a word it is “can-do,” that “we can accomplish anything” by believing in ourselves.

At the graduation ceremony of Seoul National University (Feb. 26, 1969)

’Poverty’ is my teacher and benefactor. That is why I cannot forsake my 24-hour relationship with this teacher and benefactor.

In 『Country and Revolution and me』 written by President Park Chung Hee (Sep. 1, 1963)

No matter who becomes president in the future, as long as the opposition party insists on opposing for the sake of opposing, I believe the leader they brand as dictator would be the real president for the people.

In a special speech before the national referendum (Oct. 10, 1969)

All I wish is to build an independent South Korea based on a society that is simple, diligent, honest and sincere.

In 『Country and Revolution and me』 written by President Park Chung Hee (Sep. 1, 1963)

“It is not necessary to repeat that all the anxiety and chaos South Korea faces today are ultimately due to poverty. Escaping poverty and improving public welfare is therefore our paramount task. The sound development of democracy, the building of a welfare state, and the cultivation of national unification rests ultimately on the success or failure of economic development. In short, the solution to our problems depend on whether or not we can become an independent economy.”

In the National Liberation Day celebration on August 15, 1964

The greenery and the beauty of a nation’s mountains reveal the true measure of power and prosperity of the country.

In the Arbor Day ceremony (Apr. 5, 1969)

The best democratic practice dictates that law breaking be handled within the rule of law, while errors made in the democratic process be corrected by democratic methods.

In the 6th President’s inaugural address (Jul. 1, 1967)

Those who stop do not win, while those who win do not stop.

In the State of the Nation address (Jan. 18, 1966)

Physical strength and stamina constitute national strength.

In the National Sports Festival speech (Oct. 10, 1966)

We do not believe in miracles. We merely believe that hard work and sweat will bring just returns and rewards.

In the New Year’s address (Jan. 1, 1977)
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