The mission of the Research Center is to uphold and advance the ideals, visions, spirit, leadership, and accomplishments of President Park, particularly for the benefit of future generations. Currently, the Research Center runs two Groups, Senior and Junior. The Senior Group consists of members from the academia and the media, or senior journalists and scholars, while Junior Group comprises university students, as well as young journalists and scholars in their 20-30s. The Center holds seminars and conferences on a regular basis that are open to the general public.

The Foundation offers research grants to scholars and students who conduct research and publish works that serve the mission of our Foundation. Click here for more information on research grant opportunities.

Lectures and Symposiums

Monthly lectures co-sponsored by the 'Monthly Chosun' are held in downtown Seoul for the general audience.
Both domestic and international scholastic symposiums sponsored by our Foundation are held bi-annually for academics and the general public.

Newsletters and Magazines

A newsletter is released bi-weekly to inform the public of the latest news, events and other important activities associated with the Park Chung Hee Foundation, Library & Museum, and the Research Center.
The Bi-monthly magazine, "Journal of Park Chung Hee Studies" is published to serve the Foundation’s mandate.


Four books written by President Park Chung Hee will be re-released for the younger generation in August 2017.
A Series of more than 20 books on "Park Chung Hee Studies," including academic research papers by scholars, will begin releasing in 2017.
English versions of these books will be available in the future.

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