The year 2017 is a historic year that celebrates the 100th birth year of President Park Chung Hee, the father of modern Korea.

With genuine dedication and affection for the Korean people, President Park devoted his whole life to the modernization of his homeland as well as to the establishment of strong national defense. He had completely overhauled the mindset of the Korean people by promoting the principle of "rewarding high performance and disfavoring low performance" and the dictum of "Heaven helps those who help themselves."

President Park Chung Hee Memorial Foundation was established in order to preserve and communicate his legacy for the current as well as future generations. We do so by studying and showcasing his philosophy and strategy for Korea's modernization, his efforts to overcome poverty, and his lofty ideals for the world peace. Our intended audience is not just Koreans but also our friends throughout the world.

When Korea was one of the poorest under-developed countries in the world, President Park gave Koreans hope by showing them that any country could rise to success and become a prosperous nation respected by others, if only they believed in themselves armed with the spirit of "we can do it." He also suggested practical visions which ultimately led Korea to become one of the world’s top economies. We are engaged in various efforts to share the great achievements and legacies of President Park Chung Hee with more people, both at home and abroad.

Park Chung Hee Presidential Library and Museum has prepared exhibition halls, in which both parents and children can experience the history of Korea's rapid industrialization, the so-called "Miracle on the Han River," rising from the ashes of the Korean War.

Our "Special Library," housing a diverse collection of reference books, documents, letters and diaries handwritten by Park Chung Hee, extends assisting hands to Korean and foreign scholars and researchers. Toward the end of 2017, a general library is to be opened to the public.

We publish a bi-monthly magazine, "Park Chung Hee Spirit," in Korean in order to collect and share the scholastic perspectives of the Park Chung Hee studies with the general readers. Also planned is the publication of more deep-rooted research papers under the title of "Park Chung Hee Studies" as a series.

This memorial foundation is not a place that ruminates the past only. Through the continued studies and dissemination of the Park Chung Hee spirit, we are committed to becoming an active leader in research and seek ways forward for Korea's next 100 years.

Jwa Sung-Hee, Ph.D. in Economics

Chairman, President Park Chung Hee Memorial Foundation

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