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In the initial phase of Korea’s modernization drive, the construction of modern expressways was arguably the single most urgent task due to the lack of an efficient inland transportation system. The construction of the first expressway, the Gyeongbu expressway connecting Seoul and the southern port city of Busan, began on February 1, 1968 amid intense opposition at home and from abroad. Opening on July 7, 1970, the Gyeongbu expressway is now considered one of the most monumental projects in Korea history and the symbol of the Korean miracle. The opening ceremony scene is reproduced at the main entrance to let visitors take pictures.

Automobiles Used by President Park

Presidential limousine

Make & Model : Mercedes - Benz 600
In use : 1968 ~ 1979

President Park used this jeep, especially when visiting construction sites of the Gyeongbu Expressway.

Make & Model : Kaiser, Hardtop Jeep
Year of production : 1953
In use : 1968 ~ 1970

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