Guide to Exhibition Halls

The First Exhibition Hall

President Park Chung Hee provided the breakthrough leadership in Korean history by transforming one of the poorest, under-developed countries in the world into a prosperous economy during his presidency. This room begins with a chronology of Korea's modernization during Park's era from 1961 to 1979, and depicts his leadership and devotion to supporting and joining the painstaking efforts made by the Korean people.

  • 1. Adopted as a Textbook by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank
  • 2. Park's accomplishments (video)
  • 3. May 16, 1961 Military Revolution
  • 4. Promotion of Export-led Economic Development
  • 5. Overseas Korean Workers
  • 6. Efforts to Eliminate Power Shortage

The Second Exhibition Hall

The economic success achieved during Park's presidency has often been dubbed "the Miracle on the Han River." The “miracle” was not a single event, but rather the culmination of the sweat and tears of all Koreans who made desperate efforts to escape from the vicious cycle of poverty throughout Korea’s long history. The Second Exhibition Hall showcases such endeavors, including the construction of Gyeongbu Expressway, Saemaul (New Village) Movement embodying the "Can Do" spirit, forest and water conservation, agricultural development, heavy and chemical industrialization, and the promotion of science and technology.

  • 7. Construction of Expressway
  • 8. Saemaul (New Village) Movement
  • 9. Reforestation - Water Conservation
  • 10. Agricultural Development (Green Revolution)
  • 11. Promotion of Heavy and Chemical Industry
  • 12. Popularizing Science
  • 13. Training of Technicians and Engineers
  • 14. Overall Development during the Park Chung Hee Era
  • 15. National Security

The Third Exhibition Hall

The third and final hall provides a glimpse into the personal lives of President Park Chung Hee and the First Lady, Madame Yook Young-soo, displaying family photos, hand-written letters and diaries, private and personal items which they had used at "the Blue House," the presidential residence.

  • 16. President Park Chung Hee and First Lady Mme. Yook Young-soo
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