President Park Chung Hee Memorial Museum consists of three indoor exhibition halls and one outdoor exhibition, displaying some 250 relics, photographs, video films and other items.
The first exhibition room introduces the May 16, 1961 Military Revolution, the promotion of export-led economic development, the role and activities of workers at home and abroad, the electric power development plan, and other industrial activities. The second room showcases all of the major accomplishments of President Park’s administration, including the construction of Gyeongbu Expressway, Saemaul (New Village) Movement, reforestation and water conservation, agricultural development, the development of heavy and chemical industries, science and technology development, technical personnel training, and efforts for national defense. The third and last room shows the personal lives of the President and the First Lady, Madame Yook Young Soo, including family photos, letters, and other personal possessions.

The First Exhibition Hall

The Second Exhibition Hall

The third exhibition Hall

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